Capital Improvements – It’s More Than a Construction Project – It’s a Message

Welder working on steel structure

When we see cranes, earth moving equipment and road detours, it abruptly informs us of major community construction projects.   I drive by such sites and wonder what is being built.  Sometimes a sign may provide evidence of a new hotel, a state of the art classroom building on a college campus, or … [Read more...]

Brand Journalism – A New Way Companies Provide Useful Information


The world of journalism is changing. For example, The Plain Dealer, Ohio’s largest newspaper, is moving from home delivery seven days per week to three. Those looking for news can still purchase the paper on non-delivery days, and they can also get their information online and on smart phones and … [Read more...]

In This Huge Sustainability World…You Matter

Wind Power

Almost every day I am reminded of being a good environmental steward.  Public service announcements have President Obama encouraging home energy efficiency from the oval office.  News articles tout the value of water conservation.  In my local community, I can place my recyclable glass, plastic, and … [Read more...]