We’re All Writers…How You Write: Print vs. Online


The Internet has changed everything. Not only do we have information at our (literal) fingertips, but now, we're all writers. From Facebook, to Twitter to blogs, people who have never considered themselves writers, are writers. If you are starting (or have) a blog, how can you write to make sure … [Read more...]

States Need to Follow California’s Lead in Smart Energy and Water Management

california energy

When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was experiencing a high point, many people were agitated that water was being wasted. Those not living in water challenged states like California may not have understood what all the fuss was about. "It's just a little bucket of water!" The state of California … [Read more...]

Three Top Social Media Networks and How to Best Use Them

social media marketing

Last I checked, there were well over 200 major social media networking sites (and that's growing). From About.me to Instagram to Zoopa, people are finding creative ways to connect. With so many from which to choose, how can you know which is best for you? Instead of trying to go through the … [Read more...]