The “Sustainable Font” Created by a London Ad Agency

sustainable font

We see the word "sustainability" so much now, that it's becoming the new black. It all started with a 14-year-old Pittsburgh student who pointed out that the U.S. government, if it switched its font choice to the classic Garamond, it could save $400 million a year. Thinking about ink use coined … [Read more...]

Pinterest Told to “Get Green” by its Users and Greenpeace

solar panels

It seems that no one has an excuse for not going "green." At a demonstration outside Pinterest’s headquarters in San Francisco, influential Pinterest users and Greenpeace activists asked the social network to use renewable energy to power its platform. Mimicking Pinterest’s interface, the … [Read more...]

Alternative Ways to Communicate Your Company’s Sustainability Brand

Alternative Ways to Communicate Your Company’s Sustainability Brand You want to let the world know your work in sustainability, but it's a daunting task. You do so much. What's the easiest way to communicate it all? Thanks for asking. You need to make your messages personal and relatable: Get to how people live. Start with where … [Read more...]

Why Classic Public Relations is the Future of Digital Marketing

PR and digital marketing

We've always touted the importance of content. It's not about what you say, but the content's quality. To underscore our point, Google’s recent change in its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm rewards social media links and quality content. The evolution of SEO makes a good case for … [Read more...]