Marketing Your Business During the Holiday Season

holiday marketing

Too often, businesses that are not connected to the holiday season suspend their marketing this time of year. But there’s a lot of opportunity. The holidays are prime time for building loyalty and getting a head start on the New Year. We're offering a few things you can do: 1: Make a business … [Read more...]

What Constitutes Content Marketing?

content marketing

While nearly 60 percent of businesses use at least one form of content marketing, many do not understand exactly what that can include—and its possibilities. Avenues to reach your audience grow at a rapid pace. New social media platforms are debuting almost daily. But apart from social media, … [Read more...]

Why NASA Landed on Instagram

nasa instagram account

In order to expand its audience, The National Aeronautics and  Space Administration (NASA) recently landed on the photo sharing site Instagram. NASA’s image content will include Earth science, aeronautics, spaceflight, astrophysics, and historic photos as well as video. The first day on … [Read more...]

Clothing Companies Market Sustainability Campaigns

Clothing Companies Market Sustainability Campaigns

We hear a lot these days about “sustainability.” Often it’s misused and over-used. But it’s important that companies recognize their environmental impact during their manufacturing process. Apparel manufacturers have taken note, including Nike, Gap and Levi’s. They’ve come up with ad campaigns that … [Read more...]