The Telephone as a Marketing Tool

In our "high-tech" world, it seems so easy to forget to "reach out and touch" someone.  However, in marketing, hearing a live voice on the phone has its merits. The low-tech telephone is often pushed aside for email and texts as a sales tool in this digital age. Many sales still originate over … [Read more...]

Consumers Lash Out at American Girl on Facebook After Diverse Dolls are Discontinued

Recently, the American Girl doll maker and retailer announced that it is dropping four dolls from its historical doll line. That wouldn’t be news except that one of the dolls is one of two black dolls and one is their only Asian doll. Angry Facebook fans saw the move as reducing the line’s … [Read more...]

The “Sustainable Font” Created by a London Ad Agency

We see the word "sustainability" so much now, that it's becoming the new black. It all started with a 14-year-old Pittsburgh student who pointed out that the U.S. government, if it switched its font choice to the classic Garamond, it could save $400 million a year. Thinking about ink use coined … [Read more...]

Pinterest Told to “Get Green” by its Users and Greenpeace

It seems that no one has an excuse for not going "green." At a demonstration outside Pinterest’s headquarters in San Francisco, influential Pinterest users and Greenpeace activists asked the social network to use renewable energy to power its platform. Mimicking Pinterest’s interface, the … [Read more...]