How to Get More Referrals for Your Construction Company

construction business referrals

Of all the ways one can "advertise" their business, referrals are at the top of the list. There's even an organization structured solely around generating client referrals for members. If you are affiliated with a construction company, getting referrals from existing satisfied customers is a way … [Read more...]

Majority of Americans Believe Climate Change is Caused by Humans

climate change

There is so much talk about climate change that it sometimes makes my head spin. The pros and cons are everywhere. Some say it's just a farce, others say we'd better start building bunkers in which to hide and store food. It seems that over 60 percent of Americans now believe that over time, … [Read more...]

Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling Does more Damage in “Damage Control” Interview

Donald Sterling scandal

In a televised interview on Anderson Cooper 360 (AC360), embattled NBA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling attempted to put a positive spin on his racial rant that led to his lifetime ban from pro basketball. His spin was anything but positive.  He created more fodder to bolster his image as a racist. … [Read more...]

How an Electric Company’s Brochure was Created without Using Electricity

nonelectric brochure

I will never forget the Northeast blackout in August, 2003. The blackout affected an estimated 10 million people in Ontario and 45 million people in eight U.S. east coast states. Ohio was one of them. I was pregnant with my daughter and could only think, "This is crazy. We do everything with … [Read more...]