How Google, eBay, and Adobe are Working to Save Water During California’s Drought

california drought

We continue to tout the importance of energy and water conservation. The plight of Californians is but an example of the necessity for all of us to find ways to rethink and reuse our precious natural resources. California’s severe drought has spurred Google, Adobe and eBay to find new ways to … [Read more...]

How Target Explained the Resignation of its Chief Technology Officer

target data breach

For months, Target has been explaining how it is dealing with their stores’ massive data breach that affected over 70 million consumers. One section of its website is dedicated to the issue. When the company announced that Chief Information Officer Beth Jacob had resigned, Target CEO Gregg … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy: Big Changes from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

social media changes

If you're an avid social media user, you'll notice that some things don't work the way they used to. Social media changes its options often and here’s some big ones: Twitter emphasizes image more. On the left side of their new web view, the profile and header images are now visible. This new … [Read more...]

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP

microsoft windows xp

I'm a loyal person, to my friends and to my things. I keep my car until it dies. I still have my first interview suit out of college (and can still wear it). So when my six-year-old computer went on the blink last month, I didn't want to change the operating system. Good thing I did. The Windows … [Read more...]