Measuring PR Through Your Website

measuring PR through your website

When it comes to measuring your public relations impact, there's a new kid on the block. Now, a business’s website analytics and search engine optimization is at the center of public relations measurement. You can find out if your visitors are buying your product or service, ask for more … [Read more...]

Smart Inclusion™ – The New Higher Education Imperative

Young Graduates

Last month Todd Q. Adams, our chief of sustainability and innovation, was invited to speak to African-American male students at Lakeland Community College in Ohio. Lakeland launched Pathfinders a few years ago as a program designed to attract and retain African-American male students. To their … [Read more...]

Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

improve facebook organic reach

I often get a kick out of the replies from young people when I mention Facebook. "That's for old folks, we don't use Facebook anymore..." That may be true, but there's another reason for the drop in Facebook's business usage. Since last last year, most businesses have seen a drop in their … [Read more...]

We’re All Writers…How You Write: Print vs. Online


The Internet has changed everything. Not only do we have information at our (literal) fingertips, but now, we're all writers. From Facebook, to Twitter to blogs, people who have never considered themselves writers, are writers. If you are starting (or have) a blog, how can you write to make sure … [Read more...]