Smart Inclusion™ – A Sustainable Business Practice

One can read almost any survey among executives across industry sectors, and they all cite talent attraction and retention and a lack of innovation as their biggest challenges. Revenue remains flat, and there have no fresh ideas for quite a while. One can easily picture a cartoon of boardroom full … [Read more...]

Which Social Media Networks Have the Most-Engaged Users?

Engaged couples are in a relationship. You want your engaged visitors to be in a relationship with you. Which networks are the most engaged? According to a report from Shareaholic, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ drive the most engaged social referrals to websites. The analysis examined visit … [Read more...]

Smart Inclusion™ – The New Normal for Capital Improvements

Commercial buildings account for 35 percent of US and 40 percent of global electric consumption. They eat up 30 percent of companies’ operating budgets and account for nearly 20 percent of worldwide carbon emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. By integrating smart energy and … [Read more...]