General Motors Apologizes After Sending Recall Notices to Victims of Faulty Ignitions

general motors recall

More and more I see companies making mistakes that can be avoided...if they would just get professional customer engagement counsel. GM has issued 2.6 million recall notices to customers stemming from a faulty ignition switch. The recall is linked to at least 13 deaths. The National Highway … [Read more...]

Tips to Build an Engaged User Community

social media following

It is difficult, if almost impossible, to get around social media. It's everywhere. Since most businesses have to use it in some form or another, following are a few tips to get started. Websites, blogs and social media begs for loyal fans and engaged users, but getting it is not easy. Here are … [Read more...]

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Link Facebook Posts to Twitter


I have to admit, I'm a newbie to Twitter. I read a few chapters in books, participated in a few seminars and just jumped right in. I'm still not as proficient as I'd like. It's moving faster than a cat in a room of rocking chairs. I know I made many mistakes along the way, including the one I'm … [Read more...]

Make Your Writing Concise and Readable by Eliminating Redundancy

redundant phrases

I was in elementary school the first time I realized I loved writing. However, I soon realized that writing the fiction I loved to read, and writing non-fiction, was very different. When you’re writing your blogs or other content, every word should have meaning and tell your story. Using … [Read more...]