Your Organizations Wants You To Brand Yourself

writing better tweets

Recently, for a major organization, I conducted a workshop about personal branding. What was most interesting, is that this organization wanted its employees to have personal websites, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. What its leadership realizes is that competition for excellent … [Read more...]

Urban Growth Means Being “Smart” About Inclusion – Look at Atlanta


In the midst of racial tension in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1960s, civic and business leaders declared Atlanta “the city too busy to hate.” Although Jim Crow policies were the law of the land, black and white visionary leaders understood that economic and social exclusion were antithetical to … [Read more...]

Using Public Relations for Success in Content Marketing

PR and content marketing

The public relations world has changed dramatically since I entered the field. The tactics practitioners use have moved to a new frontier. The word "content marketing" didn't even exist then. Now, it's one of the best ways to communicate to vast audiences. Public relations can include online and … [Read more...]

Smart Messaging – Branding is Key to Organizational Sustainability


Branding is not just for the Coke's and Disney's of the world. Branding is for everyone. It's more than a logo and tagline. Branding is a strategy.  When thinking about a strategic branding campaign for your business, begin with your audience. To whom are you speaking? With a creative focus, … [Read more...]