Why Businesses Shouldn’t Link Facebook Posts to Twitter


I have to admit, I'm a newbie to Twitter. I read a few chapters in books, participated in a few seminars and just jumped right in. I'm still not as proficient as I'd like. It's moving faster than a cat in a room of rocking chairs. I know I made many mistakes along the way, including the one I'm … [Read more...]

Make Your Writing Concise and Readable by Eliminating Redundancy

redundant phrases

I was in elementary school the first time I realized I loved writing. However, I soon realized that writing the fiction I loved to read, and writing non-fiction, was very different. When you’re writing your blogs or other content, every word should have meaning and tell your story. Using … [Read more...]

The Telephone as a Marketing Tool

telephone marketing

In our "high-tech" world, it seems so easy to forget to "reach out and touch" someone.  However, in marketing, hearing a live voice on the phone has its merits. The low-tech telephone is often pushed aside for email and texts as a sales tool in this digital age. Many sales still originate over … [Read more...]